Space propulsion with hybrid rocket engine using proprietary HRF-1 fuel

Equatorial Space Industries (ESI) was founded in 2017 to create a low-cost, high frequency launcher, delivering up to 150-200 kg to LEO at a time. ESI’s passion for rocket technology, coupled with an advantageous location, will allow efficient and cost-effective, dedicated nanosatellite launches for companies big and small.

Quantity AI aims to automate quantity surveying of construction drawings. It deploys machine learning to read plan views, identify hatches, and estimate the area using deep learning and semantic segregation, by training the datasets with a thousand images of rooms with hatch patterns. Quantity AI also aggregates hatches and outputs the total quantity of similar finishes into csv for ease of procurement.

Quantity AI

In stealth mode

Quantity surveying with deep learning


In stealth mode

Search engine result page data mining

Autoscrape intends to generate sales leads by automating search engines to mine for data across all websites regardless of formats. The program scrapes for data via methods such as SERP and GMaps, to obtain company names, addresses, and emails, which it then verifies the validity using DNS and SMTP checks.

MailMail researches new ways to automate e-mail campaigns, championing incumbents like Mailchimp and SendGrid. The program allows mass scheduling of marketing campaigns with not only custom templates, but also personalized emails to invoke authenticity. The platform is integrated with Autoscrape, which is a web scraper that generates email leads to plug into MailMail’s mass sending feature.


In stealth mode

Email marketing and automation platform

Auralcon is an acoustics research and development firm that use predictive modelling and data analytics to build better acoustical architecture. We design concert halls, auditoriums, and cinemas fulfilling ISO and ASTM standards. We believe in building better architecture through quantitative acoustics.


Acoustics research with predictive modelling and data analytics


Parametric modelling and algorithmic design

AntiCAD is a product design company founded in 2017 and is currently headquartered in Singapore. The name AntiCAD is an antithesis to traditional CAD (Computer Aided Design). Parametric design is a process based on algorithmic thinking that enables the expression of parameters and rules that define the relationship between design intent and response.

Three Sigma researches fields in machine learning to apply algorithms to astronomical sets of data for instruments in the financial market. The quantitative methods intend to generate absolute returns regardless of the investment climate or market sentiment. The models run simulations from a universe of past data up to decades, and aim to generate alphas with high Sharpe ratio with minimal drawdown.

Three Sigma

In stealth mode

Absolute returns with machine learning